Christian education believes in the integration of faith and life. Christian Education endeavors to answer the need for meaning and spirituality in our lives today. Our purpose in Sunday school is to communicate Christ to our children and to help them grow in knowledge and love of the Lord, by sharing the love of God and the story of God’s people with our children.

xned1The Workshop Rotation Model aka WoRM

WoRM is a design philosophy that seeks to make the Word of God attractive and memorable to children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Bible stories are taught in four-week blocks, through multi-media workshops: Theater, Drama, Art, and Bible Skills and Games. The same story is taught in all the workshops for four weeks, rotating the children by grade to a different workshop each week. Teachers select the workshop most appealing to them and teach for four weeks in that workshop.

7th through 12 Grade

The youth cover the same Bible stories and lessons that are taught in WoRM, along with scripture based lessons on spirituality, society, and self.




The preschool children learn the same stories and lessons that are taught in WoRM however; they do not rotate to all the workshops.  They participate in the Theater workshop and occasionally visited the Drama workshop. They meet in the same room each week.


2013-03-30 21.56.25Nursery

Nursery is provided for infants to 3 year olds, it is available every Sunday.