Haven’t been to church in a while? Don’t worry! You are not alone.

Christmas is often a time when people find themselves wanting to go to church. People who think of themselves as “spiritual but not religious” feel a need to worship the God whom they know, the God whom Christians believe came to live among us in the birth of Jesus.

Grace has four services coming up this week.

Saturday December 20 at 5:30 is a casual service for people who feel sad at Christmas. Maybe you are grieving, maybe you are struggling with job loss or underemployment. Maybe you have recently ended a relationship or learned of a serious illness. Maybe you live with depression or other mental illness. This is a service where we can name our losses and sadness and worries in prayer and remember the hope that comes at Christmas in a quiet, meditative service.

Sunday, December 21 at 10:00 a.m. Christmas Pageant and Eucharist. Our children and adults tell the beloved Christmas story. People of all ages share their gifts in reading and responding to Scripture and in song. There is also an 8 a.m. service this Sunday.

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