The season of Lent began as a season of preparation for Baptism, because baptism was taken so seriously it took a long time for adults to prepare for it. Over time, Lent became a season for repentance, for re commitment to baptismal faith. On Ash Wednesday, our foreheads are signed with the sign of the cross in ash, with the words  “remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”  Ashes are a sign of repentance, to change our lives, to rise from the ashes and dust of our past.

So Lent is a time to try to change our lives.  Repentance means turning our lives around, trying  to become more faithful, better followers of Jesus.

Our lives are so busy, it is hard to make time for an additional thing, although Lenten traditions include “giving up something” — chocolate, alcohol, whatever stands between us and God. Maybe is is the busy-ness of our lives that stands between us and God. Taking on a new discipline for Lent is also a custom of the church.

Here are some Lenten observance ideas:

Participate in the “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John” Lent Class, in person or virtually.

Wednesdays at 11 (following the 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist in the Holy Innocents’ Chapel)

Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m.

We will be discussing our experience of using the prayer journal “Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John.” Copies of the prayer journal are available ($3.50 donation requested) at church. Or you can download your own and you can also sign up for daily reflections and videos(scroll down) here.

You can also join the Grace Lent Discussion Group on Facebook. 

Support the Heifer Project

Supporting the Hiefer Project by getting a giving box and a giving calendar, just inside the Lees’ Lane doors. Grace is partnering with other congregations in Olde Towne Port Huron, to raise money for “an ark” together.


Attend the  Blue Water Area Churches  Lenten Lunches

At St John’s United Church of Christ, 710 Pine Street, Port Huron
Theme: Bringing Hope   
THURSDAYS  12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

February 22    The Rev. Jason Pittman, First Presbyterian Church

March 1             The Rev. Don Doerzbacher, Our Saviour Lutheran Church

March 8             Father Sal Palazzolo, Holy Trinity Parish

March 15            The Rev. LuAnRourke, First United Methodist Church

March 22            The Ven. Linda Crane, Grace Episcopal Church

Embrace Lent Madenss

By engaging LENT MADNESS which invites you to learn about church history by reading about the lives of the sa

ints and voting for them in a MARCH MADNESS like competition.  You can follow on the