The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement

Newcomers’ Classes

Meet The Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement or Crazy Christians

Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls the Episcopal Church the Episcopal Branch of the

Jesus Movement and has a fabulous sermon (and book) about Crazy Christians.

Beginning February 2 and continuing for 4 Thursdays, we will discuss being “crazy Christians”.

Meet at 5:30pm in the Gathering Place.

If you wonder:

¨ What Episcopalians believe and why ?

¨ Why we worship in the way that we do ?

¨ What it  means to be a thinking Christian ?

¨ How we read the Bible?

¨ How does what we say on Sunday connect to daily life?

¨ What it means to take scripture seriously but not literally?

¨ How to talk about God in a Post-Modern world?

This program is for YOU.


This Thursday Evening series is also for people who are considering joining the Episcopal Church:

¨ by baptism,

¨  confirmation (mature reaffirmation of  baptismal promises),

¨  reception (joining the Episcopal Church after confirmation by a bishop in another tradition OR adult baptism)

¨  Reaffirmation of Faith (you were baptized and confirmed because someone expected it of you but now you want to say “YES” to God in Christ in the Episcopal Tradition, at a new stage of your faith journey