Thoughtful Thursdays


  • Simple Supper at 5:30 (Volunteers are bringing supper, you may want to volunteer next time!)
  • Class at 6:00
  • Close with Compline at 7:30
Sept 19 Episcopalians and other Christians.
What do we share? How do we differ? A chance to explore the great spectrum of Christian practices, beliefs and understandings

Sept 26 How do Episcopalians read the Bible?
Wondering why Episcopalians are open to women’s ordination, evolution, gay unions and other things that your more conservative Christian neighbors believe fly in the face of the plain meaning of scripture? A chance to think about what it means to base our beliefs of Scripture, Tradition and Reason.Bring a bible this week, please.

October 3 How do Episcopalians worship and why?
A little tour of the Prayer Book and beyond. Where did we get it, how do we use it and why do people doubt there will ever be a new one?

October 17 How do Episcopalians pray?
Sunday is not the only time to be with God. What are different ways that people pray and meditate or study day in and day out. Can there be right or wrong ways to pray?
October 24 Boomers, Xers, Millenials and the Great Emergence
What is happening outside Grace? People who went to the Wild Goose Festival report on
what the learned and experienced and explore what it might mean for the Episcopal Church generally. (Eric, Bob and Tristan, Drew?)

November 7 Is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” part of our life at Grace? Next steps?
An exploration of what it would mean to be intentionally welcoming of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender people, their families and friends and why it matters for the life of our parish and the lives of the children of Port Huron.

November 14 What are bishops, priests and deacons and what are they good for?
An introduction to the structures of the Episcopal Church, where we got them, how they are changing, how Lydia and Linda experience their calls to ministry, and a discussion of the evolving role of bishop. Also an opportunity to talk about the ministry of the baptized.

November 21 Port Huron/St Clair County 2023. Where will Grace fit in?
A panel discussion with people who are thinking about the future of our city and region. Where do they see hope? Where are they discouraged? How should these visions of the future impact our future mission and call of a rector?

To be scheduled: A goodly heritage” Looking at Grace’s Time Line
Grace’s history and ours. What were the exciting things about Grace when you joined? What
were the hot controversies or concerns? How do we carry the best of our past into the future?

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