256px-Assisi-frescoes-entry-into-jerusalem-pietro_lorenzettiPalm Sunday, March 20

8:00 a.m.

Distribution of Palms, Reading of Passion According to St . Luke, Holy Eucharist

10:00 a.m.

Assemble in Gathering Place for blessing and distribution of palms, procession into church, reading of Passion according to St. Luke and Holy Eucharist.

Wednesday in Holy Week March 23

Holy Eucharist 10 a.m.

A quiet service in the Goulden Chapel. 

Maundy Thursday, March 24

Holy Eucharist 7 p.m.

We remember Jesus’ last supper with his friends and we follow his example by washing feet. This is a surprisingly moving, bittersweet service, recalling Jesus’ intimate meal with the disciples. Called “Holy Thursday” in some traditions, the word “Maundy” appears to come from the Latin “Mandare,” meaning,”To Command,” recalling Christ’s commandment to his followers to love one another or possibly the command, “Do this in remembrance of me” in the biblical accounts of the Last Supper.

Good Friday, March 25

The Good Friday Liturgy at Noon in the church

The roots of this solemn service lie in ancient times. We will read the Passion according to St. John, we will sing, we will kneel at the foot of the cross and rejoice in the mystery of salvation.

Stations of the Cross in the Garden at 1:15 p.m.

This symbolic journey of the “Way of the Cross” weaves together strands of the church’s stories of Jesus’ last day. Gather in the church. Gather in the church. If it is warm and dry, we will be in the garden, using the lovely stations made by Celeste Skalnek and installed thanks to the generosity of many parish individuals and groups. If it is cold and wet, we will walk the stations inside the church.



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